Largs Academy

Our Vision, Values and Aims

Largs Academy has a vision for all learners – at all levels – to be safe, happy and for them to achieve their potential. Positive relationships underpin all of the work that we do. 

Our mission as a school is straightforward: we aim to provide high-quality learning and teaching; support for all aspects of wellbeing and develop the skills young people require to transition into a sustained post-school destination.   

Our five school values underpin our vision: 

Respect– look after yourself and each other 

Responsibility– be trustworthy, truthful and self-motivated  

Achievement– try your best, even when things are tough 

Ambition– look positively to the future to achieve your goals 

Community– be kind, open-minded and generous when in school; in your local area and as a global citizen

John Doherty
Head Teacher, Largs Academy